Faubourg Montmartre

Powerful energy from Paris

Get ready to plunge into the effervescent whirl of Faubourg Montmartre, a district of Paris that never sleeps. Want to know its secrets, its must-visit cafés and restaurants, and its frenetic shopping? 

Start by losing yourself in the hidden alleyways of Passage Jouffroy. Behind its discreet façade, you'll discover a world of antiques, vintage bookshops and eccentric curiosities. The ideal place for treasure hunters in search of unique souvenirs.

For lunch, Le Grand Colbert, with its classic brasserie atmosphere and traditional French cuisine, is the perfect choice. Order a steak-frites and a glass of red wine, and let yourself be transported back in time.

For a picturesque dinner, push open the doors of Bouillon Chartier. This popular restaurant with its belle époque decor serves authentic French cuisine. The atmosphere is noisy and friendly, and the dishes are deliciously comforting.

At night, the district comes alive with lively theaters. The Théâtre des Variétés, the Grand Rex and the Théâtre du Gymnase offer a variety of shows, from comedy to musical theater. An evening in the spotlight to brighten up your stay.

Faubourg Montmartre is an explosion of energy, culture and pleasure. It's a sparkling district, where every street corner holds a new surprise. 

The Best of The Lander



This lively district is renowned for its many theaters. It's home to the Folies Bergère theater, listed as a Historic Monument. Now a veritable institution, this eclectic building has played host to the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Joséphine Baker and Dalida... As far as Porte St Martin, numerous theaters dot this faubourg.



Popular, historic and authentic, this restaurant offers eggs mayonnaise, leek vinaigrette, lentil pie, andouillettes ... in short, what we call "la bonne franquette".


To the mother of the family 

The oldest chocolate factory in Paris, its Belle Epoque decor is enhanced by shimmering chocolate boxes, candies, confectionery and ice cream... A gourmet treasure and part of France's heritage.



Hôtel Drouot, located in the heart of Paris, has been the world's largest public auction house since 1852. More than 60 auction houses are represented in 15 auction rooms. The emulation generated by an annual offering of 230,000 works of art from 21 major specialties - from Antiquity to street art - attracts some 3,000 bidders every day.

Apartments - Faubourg Montmartre

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Hemingway | Image 4
Sagan | Image 4
Aragon | Image 4
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Raphaël | Image 5
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Delacroix | Image 5
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